Friday, 10 October 2008

First entry

So today was my first official lesson with Ruth post freshers week. A range of comical discussions took place with regards to perception. An experiment involving paint colours and target audiences took place where, in groups of 4, we created names for each shade of paint colour in order to tempt our target consumer. We were produced with a target of well-off and retired. Through discussion we came to a conclusion for each colour, for example, clotted cream for off white, which, i feel would induce a slight melancholy in the this age group as they would have been in the times of trips to the british sea side for a holiday and cream teas as a high light. also, for a light brown, we decided on cafe creme. this is simply due to the fact that a large proportion of visitors to the south if france are retired, middle class couples. so this colour would, perhaps, remind them of holidays abroad. we then looked at the model of buyer behaviour and the buyer decision process. we ended the lesson on how the senses are addressed in advertising, such as sound effects and song; and what feelings they provoke.

“Perception is the process of sensing, selecting & interpreting consumer stimuli in the external world” (Wilkie 1994)

“Perception is how we see the world around us” (Schiffman & Kanuk 2003)

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Ruth Hickmott said...

Great start - it looks lovely and you write well. BUT more pictures (to illustrate your understanding of the theory) and more hyperlinks to relevant academic articles and definitions.